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Chartered 1983 | Hickory, North Carolina                                  

Last updated 09/05/2018.


WEBMASTERS:  Audrey Lane and Charlene Drinkard


Xi Phi Omega Chapter Officers

and Committee Members


















Chapter Officers

La'Courtney Setzer - President

La'Ronda Whiteside - Vice President 

Audrey Lane - Recording Secretary

Beverly Foster - Finance Secretary

Felicia Setzer - Assistant Financial Secretary

Detra Williams - Treasurer

Traci Royster - Hostess

Patricia Smith - Keeper of the Door

Mary Young - Historian

Mary Young - Chaplain

Audrey Lane - Webmaster

Tiffany Lathan - Graduate Advisor - App State University

Standing Committees

Budget - Detra Williams - Chair

Standards/Bylaws - Angrid Myles - Chair

Nominating - Audrey Lane - Chair

EAF - Traci Royster - Chair

Graduate Advisory  - Tiffany Lathan - Chair

Ivy Leaf - Angrid Myles - Chair

Membership - Ann Chestnut - Chair

Scholarship - Mary Young - Chair

Sisterly Relations - Traci Royster - Chair

Technology - Audrey Lane - Chair

Programs - La'Ronda Whiteside - Chair

Ad-Hoc Committees

Pink Ice Ball - Detra Williams - Chair

Pink Tea Rose - Ann Chestnut - Chair

Denim & White - Felicia Setzer - Chair

Music - Patricia Smith - Chair

Social - Traci Royster - Chair