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Xi Phi Omega Charter Members & Past Presidents









Past Presidents

Marie Fuller (*)*

Felicia Setzer **

Gloria Hampton

Jacqueline McDowell

Nettie McIntosh (*)*

Karen Patterson

Flossie Saddler (*)**

Linda Smith

Phyllis Toms

Detra Williams **

La'Courtney Setzer **

Dr. La'Ronda Whiteside**

Charter Members

Helen Crutchfield (*)

Margie Cole

Benita Conley

Carol Croker

Michelle Dula

Marguerite Duren (*)

Hazelene Ford

Cecelia Forney (*)

Judy Foster

Allie Hartso (*)

Earline Ivy

Freda Patterson

Marsha Roebuck

Mary Young

Elizabeth Avery (*)

Franke Carson (*)

Marie Fuller (*)

Nettie McIntosh (*)

Ivy Beyond the Wall(*)

Served Two Terms**

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